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A 6 week meditation course to create a sustainable and consistent meditation routine to reduce stress, find focus and feel empowered.

Are you looking for a way to manage stress, increase your focus, and feel on top of your game?

If so, you may be feeling...

  • Overwhelmed and not coping well with the stress levels in your life

  • Brain fog and unable to focus for long periods of time

  • As though your memory is getting worse

  • A Lack of energy due to the stress and challenges of the Pandemic

  • Unhappy and anxious

  • Disconnected from yourself

  • Exhausted due to poor sleep

With the state of current world affairs, plus all the other stressors of work and daily life, I completely understand the feeling of overwhelm. We may not currently be able to change the situation we are living, but that doesn't mean there aren't things we can't do to support ourselves!

Meditation doesn't have to be hard and it doesn't mean you have to spend hours at a time to feel its benefits.

I'm sure you've heard meditation is good for you!

Benefits of meditation:

  • increased happiness and joy

  • increased overall wellbeing

  • decrease in stress, anxiety and depression

  • increased concentration, performance and focus

  • increased creativity and productivity

  • increased resiliency and coping with life's stressors

  • better able to manage and control chronic pain and chronic fatigue

  • improves sleep

  • simply being more present and mindful

  • enhanced self-awareness and empowerment

So why don't you take a moment to reset your day and...

Breathe Free 4 week course giving you tools through yoga for pandemic fatigue and Long Covid

Pause. is a 6 week online meditation course designed to give you the foundation and start you need to develop your own accessible and sustainable meditation routine to help you reduce stress, increase concentration and focus, and feel resilient and empowered.

April 12 - May 16

Reduce stress with meditation

Reduce Stress

Through consistent meditation, we are better able to manage and reduce the affects stress plays on our mental and physical health.

increase focus with meditation

Find Focus

Consistent meditation can reverse brain patterns that cause our minds to wander, worry and our attention to stray.

feel empowered through meditation

Feel Empowered

Through consistent meditation, we develop a stronger, nonjudgemental understanding of who we are and how we relate to the world around us. This awareness can help us feel better adjusted, more resilient and empowered.

My journey with meditation has been a bumpy process.

I've struggled with anxiety for most of my life. When I was a teenager, meditation was recommended to me to help manage my anxiety.

When I first started, it made me feel more overwhelmed and almost hyperventilated. But over time, and training with many amazing teachers, I learned there were different types of meditation and certain ones suited me better at different moments.

So I persisted.

Now meditation is a core anchor to supporting my mental health.

In this course I want to share with you a variety of different meditations, plus accountability, so you too can feel empowered through meditation.

What You'll Get in the 6 Week Course

3 Live Group Calls & Community Support

I don't want this course to feel like it's an extra thing to add to your stress. For this reason, over the six weeks we'll meet up three times over Zoom to connect with each other, discuss the benefits and foundations of meditation, go over any questions, and support each other's journey.

The calls will be at 6:30-7:30 pm CEST | 5:30pm BST | 12:30 EST | 9:30 PST

On: Monday April 11; Monday April 25; Monday May 16

Replays will be available for those who cannot join live.

Weekly Meditations

Each of the 6 weeks of Pause. you will receive a short video lesson about that week's meditation and a meditation audio. This way, week by week, you can practice new styles of meditation and see how they benefit you in different moments, allowing you to create a stronger foundation to develop your own unique meditation practice.

10 Minute Meditations

Pause for a few minutes a day to reset. For meditation to be beneficial, you do not have to spend long hours meditating. Actually, studies show that consistent meditation practice with shorter 10-minute meditations can increase concentration and reduce anxiety.

Journal Prompts

Journaling can be a really good way to inspire us to establish self-awareness and acknowledge our personal development. When we journal we create another line of communication that helps us appreciate the journey we go through.

Types of Meditation We'll be Covering:

Meditation & Movement

Body Scan

Breath Sensing

Guided Meditation

Connecting with Gratitude

Pure Awareness

This course is for you if you want to...

  • deepen your meditation practice or start one!

  • learn to manage and reduce stress and anxiety

  • increase creativity, concentration and focus

  • be more self-aware and connected

  • feel happier and more joyous

  • feel empowered to be yourself

  • be on top of your game

This course may not be for you if you...

  • want to read about meditation but not practice it

  • are not ready to connect with yourself on a deeper level and truly get to know yourself

  • are experiencing depression, anxiety, trauma, have a current suicidal ideation and you don't have support. If you do have support of a therapist or another medical professional, plus support from family and friends, this course could be a good edition to your healing journey. Please be sure you discuss this course with your support team before signing up. This course is designed to educate and support not diagnose or treat mental health.

Join Pause. 6 Week Meditation Course for 115€

You will have access to all the material for 6 months.

Psst! If you sign up for the Tytoni Membership (priced at 79€ a month) you get access to the Pause. 6 week meditation course plus full access to all live small group sessions, the online on-demand studio, and the monthly calendar! Just be sure to tell me when you sign up that you also want to join Pause.!

On-demand studio membership holders get a 40% discount.

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