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Reset Meditation

10 Days of Meditation

Are you feeling a constant drain of COVID-19 fatigue? It has definitely had its effect on me, and meditation is one of the best ways I've found to combat it.

Just like we take our vitamins and eat healthy food to sustain and maintain our physical body, we need to do the same for our mental health, too. So what is one vitamin for mental health? Meditation.

Reset Meditation is for anyone who feels they need to press the reset button for their brain heading into this new year to live a fuller, happier and stronger life, no matter what is thrown at them.

Meditation can literally change our brain. Don't believe me? Fair enough, read the literature! Or, you can watch this TEDx Cambridge talk by Neuroscientist Sara Lazar who wasn't sure she believed it at first either, until she started doing research into it.

Meditation is an ancient practice that through our modern scientific lens, we can explain more clearly what has been known for thousands of years: When we tune-out the noise around us and tune-in to our inner self, we become stronger, happier, and more compassionate.

This FREE meditation journey starts out with short, 2 minute meditations and slowly builds up to 15 minutes, offering different types of meditation for you to try to see which works best for you. Let this 10 day journey help you bring meditation into your daily self-care routine.


Included Content

Day 1 Hello
Day 1 Hello & Titration Meditation
Day 2
Day 2 + Belly Breathing
Day 3
Day 3 + Umbrella Breath
Day 4
Day 4 + Rectangle Breath
Day 5
Day 5 + Moving Meditation
Day 6
Day 6 + River of Thoughts Meditation
Day 7
Day 7 + Light and Enliven Meditation
Day 8
Day 8 + Forest Bath Meditation
Day 9
Day 9 + Loving Kindness Meditation
Day 10
Day 10 + Starry Night Guided Awareness
Thank You!