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Bring Joy, Build Self-Confidence, Let Inner Wisdom Fly

My passion is to support those who are suffering from fatigue, stress and anxiety find the tools they need through breath, mindful movement and other yogic practices in a trauma-informed space to build self-confidence, move with ease, and feel complete in body, mind, and soul.

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All it takes is 5 minutes to reduce stress

Feeling overwhelmed with stress?

Join me in a 5 day challenge where I share with you 5 accessible tools, in 5 minutes, over 5 days, that I know will help you manage your stress levels and get you back to feeling focused, energetic and joyful.

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Private 1:1 coaching Tess Jewell-Larsen and Tytoni Yoga

1:1 Private yoga & coaching designed for just you

Sessions that are 100% customized to your specific needs. Book a virtual private session.

Group Sessions, online and in-person with Tess Jewell-Larsen and Tytoni Yoga

A personalized experience in a group setting

Online and in-person group courses, yoga sessions, & membership specialized and designed to support you.

Yogatrek Asturias yoga y trekking retiros en asturias con guía de montaña. Hiking and yoga retreats in Asturias with a mountain guide

Magical hiking and yoga retreats in Northern Spain

One, two or three day hiking and yoga retreats around Spain's natural paradise, Asturias.

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Tess is an excellent yoga teacher; she is very dedicated to her work and knowledgable that if one position doesn’t work for someone, she can quickly suggest another. This creates a trusting environment and you know she always has your best interests at heart. I have been focusing particularly in prenatal yoga with Tess and have learnt not only physically how to relax my body in pregnancy but also facts about the pregnancy process, through her studies and experience.

-Claire S. Private 1:1 Pregnancy

I loved that so much! I held so much tension in my shoulders, collarbones, neck and jaw and by the time I finished it I felt all loose and chilled out.

-Nicola D. Meditation & Yoga Nidra

Tess es una profesora de yoga excelente! Sabe cómo crear una atmósfera cálida, relajada y en la que sientes apoyada en todo momento. Da instrucciones muy claras y propone diferentes variaciones para cada postura que se adaptan a tu nivel. ¡La recomendaría totalmente!

-Andrea H. V. Small Group Yoga

Joining the Tytoni Monthly Membership is a fantastic way for you to build in a self-care routine that supports you not only through breath, movement and meditation, but through a caring and loving international community!

What you get:

✓ Access to all weekly live group classes (for cheaper!)

✓ Access to an ever increasing library of on-demand videos for breath, movement and guided awareness

✓ Access to the monthly calendar

✓ Access to deals and discounts for other Tytoni Offerings

✓ Be a part of a supportive and loving international community

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