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Winter Connection

This winter give yourself the grace of warmth, balance & connection.

Balance the often chaotic holiday season and the cold of the winter months with yogic tools to gently warm and balance body, mind & soul. Through breathing, movement and meditation practices we will be tuning into our inner wisdom and find ways to support ourselves.

The Winter Connection series is designed for you to incorporate a little extra warmth and balancing to this holiday season. You can join me live online from the comfort of your own home, or use the recordings when it works best for you. You do not have to have experience with yoga, you will be guided every step of the way. You don’t need to be super flexible or stand on your head, either!

This is the Library to accompany the Winter Connection 2-part Series.

You get it all here in the library, but if you can & want to join live on Wednesdays December 15 & 22, Register for the Live Winter Connection Series

What's Included in the Winter Connection Series?

During these TWO 75-min online sessions we'll be connecting through:

  • Warming & balancing breathing techniques
  • Gentle Hatha Flow
  • Meditation

You'll also receive:

✓ Recordings of the sessions you can use for a month, uploaded within 3 hours of the live session

✓ Weekly journaling prompts

✓ Access to the recordings for a month.


Question 1: What is included in the price?

☞ Two 75-min Live Zoom sessions

☞ Recordings of Live sessions for 1 month so you can continue to use them to keep you warm and balanced over the Holiday season

☞ Weekly Journaling prompts

Question 2: Do I need to have experience with yoga?No! Beginners are completely welcome to the sessions as I will explain and gently lead you through the breathing techniques, sequences and meditation. You do not need to be flexible or stand on your head, either!

Question 3: Where will I find the recordings for the Winter Connection series?When you sign up, you will be given access to a library where you’ll find the weekly journaling prompts, plus the recordings. The recordings will be uploaded within 12 hours of the live sessions. 

Question 4: I'm a Tytoni Member or have a 5/10 Pass Package, can I use my credits towards the Winter Connection series?

Yes! You can use your membership or package credits to join the live sessions. If you are a Tytoni Member and would like access to the library with the replays & the weekly journaling prompts, you'll find a discount code for them in the Members Library! If you can't find it, ask me and I'll point in the right direction.

Question 5: I've already registered for the Winter Connection series, how can I access this library without paying again?

Yay!! Thanks so much for signing up for the live series. I look forward to seeing you on Dec 15 & Dec 22!! To ensure you don't get charged a second time, be sure to use the same e-mail address you used to register for the series. You should have received an email from me saying that you've been "gifted access to the Winter Connection Library". Once you're signed into your account you should only have to click on the "Join" button and you'll be let in. You can also go to your User Dashboard (click the Sign In link in the top right-hand corner to sign in and then follow the dropdown button to go to your user dashboard. Go to the "store" section and you'll see the Winter Connection library link, click it!). If for some reason you haven't received the email from me yet, I'm SO SORRY! Please let me know and I'll get it sorted for you!

Do you still have more questions? I'm happy to answer them! Send me a message!

Already Decided? Click "Join" and I'll see you in the Winter Connection Library!
If you have already signed up for the

Included Content

Week 1 - Inner Warmth
Part 1 Ignite Warmth Within
Week 2 - Balance & Connect
Part 2 Balance and Connect
Thank you!