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Staying Present part 3: Move

By Tytoni Yoga

TUE DEC 21, 2021

It’s easy to forget with all the joyous ruckus of the holiday season that we need to move our bodies.

Sure, if you’re like me, there’s a lot of time on your feet playing with nieces and nephews that you rarely get to see. Or running to the shop to get last minute gifts or bits and bobs for food that you forgot the LAST time you went to the shop. Oops.

But intentional movement, mindful movement often gets forgotten. And it feels so good when you do do it!

Staying Present in the Presence of Presents

So this week my friend, if you fancy joining in, let’s do some mindful movements!

Start from the top of the body and move down.

Head & Neck:

  1. Take your gaze up and down 5x
  2. Turn your head right and left 5x
  3. Make circles with your neck keeping your eyes open 5x


  1. Take your arms up overhead on an inhale and then down on your exhale 5x
  2. With one hand on your hip, take the other over head and bend towards the hand on the hip (Ex. Right hand reaches up, left hand on hip, as you exhale bend toward the left). Do this to the right and left 5x each side.
  3. Lift shoulders to the ears as you inhale and drop them on your exhale 5x

Wrists & Hands:

  1. With arms extended, fingers separated, bend your wrists up and down 10x. Finish with a big circle with your arms.
  2. With arms extended, fingers together, bend your wrists up and down 10x. Finish with another big circle with your arms.
  3. With your arms extended, take your thumbs into your palms and gentle wrap your fingers over the thumbs. Make wrist circles right and left 5x each side

Hips & Legs:

  1. With legs a little more than hip distance apart, make circles with your hips. Start small and then build up to bigger so you’re also moving your torso forward and backward. Do this to the right and left 10x each side
  2. Imagine you want to sit into a chair behind you. Slowly lower into chair pose on an inhale and on the exhale stand back up. 10x
  3. If you’re up for it, take it all the way down into a squat and then stand back up! 5-10x

Ankles & Feet:

  1. Either sit down or stand (maybe using a wall to support you!) and lift one foot up at a time to circle your ankle 10x with both feet
  2. Separate your toes and then squeeze them together. Try moving the toes individually!
  3. Give the top of your feet a little stretch by placing the top of the toes on the floor pointed backward and gently press on the top of the foot. (Hold onto something for support if needed). 10-15 seconds for each foot.

How do you feel now!?

I’ll leave you with a quote from engineer and physicist, Moshé Feldenkrais,

“Movement is life. Life is a process. Improve the quality of the process and you improve the quality of life itself.”

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