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Staying Present part 4: Connect

By Tytoni Yoga

TUE DEC 28, 2021

When I’m feeling frazzled I’ve found the best thing for myself is to take a couple of minutes to connect with myself with a short meditation.

I get comments all the time that people struggle with meditation. I understand. It’s normal to get distracted in meditation. I wrote a whole article about it so I won’t get into it here, but know I understand.

Meditation is not about completely clearing your mind to a back abyss, it’s about sitting with yourself and allowing. And it’s about noticing when your thoughts drag you away, so you can come back and start again.

There are many types of meditation. Some are easier to get into than others, depending on you, your situation, your emotions, your day, your experience. There are zillions of different styles of meditations because each of us is different and each of us needs different things at different moments.

Walking meditation, guided meditation, counting meditation, mindful focus meditations, breath focus meditation… and the list goes on.

The type of meditation I tend to go to most when I’m frazzled and don’t have lots of time but NEED SOMETHING ASAP is just sitting (or standing or lying) with myself, noticing, be aware of my thoughts, allowing, and releasing.

Staying Present in the Presence of Presents

This week let's add a little meditation to connect with yourself into the mix.

Quick Meditation for Connection

❄️ I bring my focus to my breath.

🍁 I notice how I’m breathing: chest, quick, shallow…

❄️ I breathe in and on my exhale I allow myself to release.

🍁 I notice my thoughts and let them flow passed me, like a river.

❄️ I breathe in and on my exhale I allow myself to release.

🍁 I notice how I’m feeling, acknowledge it but don’t analyze it.

❄️ I breathe in and on my exhale I allow myself to release.

🍁 I notice any places I am holding tension and emotion physically in my body.

❄️ I breathe in and on my exhale I allow myself to release.

Meditation doesn’t have to be long to be helpful and supportive. Just by giving yourself a couple minutes to reconnect with yourself and disconnect from the foray of daily life, can make the world of difference.

I’ll leave you with a quote to contemplate from author and psychotherapist, Stephen Cope,

“The whole world is inside each person, each being, each object. To know any part of the world deeply, intimately, is to know the whole world. Each of us, then, must find our own particular domain – that little corner of the world in which we can drill for gold. For the acupuncturist it is knowing the body through the language of Chinese medicine. For the painter, it is knowing the world through through paint and the canvas. For the writer, it is knowing the world through words.”

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