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Tytoni Yoga Services

Personalized Yoga & Wellness Coaching

Tytoni Yoga emphasizes breath support, mindful movement, stress management, nervous system resiliency, and taking small steps that build up. 

I offer personalized yoga and one-on-one wellness coaching online and in person sessions in Gijón, Asturias, Spain. to provide a more personalized approach to your health and fitness needs. Learn more about the range of services I offer and find out which one is right for you!

You can be inflexible

Yoga isn't about bending yourself into a pretzel

You can have little to no experience

We'll start where you're at and work from there

Each person is different

It's all about creating a holistic practice that suits your needs and goals

Workshops and Events

1-on-1 personal wellness to suit your goals

Let's work together either online or in-person in Gijón, Asturias, Spain.

Online yoga classes in small groups with Tess from Tytoni Yoga

A personalized experience in a group setting

Online and in-person group series and yoga sessions, specialized and designed to support you.

Yoga and hiking retreats in Asturias, Spain with Tess from Tytoni Yoga - Yogatrek Asturias

Magical hiking and yoga retreats in Northern Spain

Hiking and yoga retreats around in Spain's natural paradise, Asturias.

Breathe Free 4 week course to relieve fatigue, stress, anxiety and Long Covid Tess from Tytoni Yoga

Relieve pandemic fatigue, stress, anxiety & Long Covid

Online 4 week course

Pause. 6 Week meditation course with Tess from Tytoni Yoga

Find Stillness, Feel, and Heal

Online 6 week meditation course

workshops and events with Tess from Tytoni Yoga

Workshops & Events

Online and in-person workshops and events

Monthly Membership

The Tytoni Membership is a fantastic way for you to build in a self-care routine that supports you not only through breath, movement and meditation, but through a caring and loving international community!

What you get:

✓ Access to all weekly live group classes (depending on which membership option you choose)

✓ Access to an ever increasing library of on-demand videos for breath, movement and guided awareness

✓ Access to a monthly calendar

✓ Access to deals and discounts for other Tytoni Offerings

✓ Be a part of a supportive and loving international community

Upcoming Schedule

Questions? Send me a message!